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Are you ending up doing lot of works ? Then its time to Automate your Business and Give Super Power to your team. Increase Sales, Organize Operations, Pre Sales, Post Sales, Client Retention, Collect Payments using Leadqart Automation System!

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Give your team a super power in automating the entire Business Process Using our CRM.

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From Generating leads to managing post sales A one stop CRM for everything

It's time to say no to spreadsheets. Manage everything in one place. Save time and sell faster with leadqart.

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Use the power of automation and increase the conversion rate by 40%.

You can do more with Leadqart Automation Marketing Tool. Here is the glimpse of it :

1. Website Builder

Build better landing pages inside the CRM and attract new customers.

2. Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns inside the CRM

3. Social media Campaigns

Create engaging social media campaigns for every platform like Facebook, Linkedin etc to promote your services or brand

4.Generate leads

Capture all your leads from each marketing campaign in a single place

5. Whatsapp Campaign

Run Whatsapp Campaign efficiently through Whatsapp and increase sales.

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Manage marketing for every platform in one place just in one click. Automate workflows, messages, schedule appointments using Leadqart CRM

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Email Marketing

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SMS Marketing

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WhatsApp Marketing

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Push Notifications

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Facebook Remarketing

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Google Ads

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Web Personalization

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In-App Notifications

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Integrated Call Centre Management CRM

Power Dialer

Save time by power dialling. The Call router dials 20 people at a time and connects to whoever picks up.

Automatic messaging using Whatsapp

Increase your efficiency by automated messaging. Whenever a lead moves to the next stage, an automatic message gets sent to the client.

Monitoring and reporting

Get full detailed reports about each caller and track your team’s performance easily

Call recording

Calls are automatically recorded for each caller. Access the call recordings in one touch.


Monitor the entire process using Leadqart Call Centre Management System. Many of our clients saw the rise in Appointments and calls using our CRM.

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The way forward for your Sales Department

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One CRM for all your Sales Processes

Maximise your conversions by increasing accountability and Long Lasting Relationships

A 360 Degree Reporting tool

You can visualise the stages of Leads or Customers through pipeline stages. Access real-time reports using our Dashboard which help you forecast sales in less than a minute.

Allocate Leads and Simplify Lead Management

Auto allocate leads from any of the marketing sources and could you imagine lead is added to the CRM in less than 10 seconds ?

Schedule Appointments/ Meetings

With Leadqart’s online appointment scheduling software, you can now schedule appointments and meetings in a single step and even confirm appointments.

Create Quotations and Orders

Creating sales quotations and sales orders is now easier with Leadqart CRM, It helps you in sending quotes and processing orders in less than 5 minutes.

Receive Real Time Reports

Get Real time reports about the Follow ups and its time to change the way your sales Reps operate and automate with Leadqart.

Move your Customer On-boarding into the Fast Lane.

See how Leadqart CRM can help you to onboard your clients and manage Post Sales from start to finish successfully.

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Project Stages

Create stages of the project and plan end to end process starting from Kickoff to Customer Satisfaction.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings seamlessly by moving the boards to the next phase. Automate each stages of Onboarding efficiently using Leadqart CRM.

Communicate and Collaborate

Communication is the power of Client success. Communicate and Collaborate powerfully using Project tasks, Live Plans and status updates.

Customer Feedback Mechanism

Research shows that collecting reviews periodically will improve Client Success rate and you could even increase Life Time Value of the customer. Leadqart CRM does it all for you. Just you need to start by taking action.


Before vs After Using

All-In-One Leadqart CRM

Without Leadqart

  • My Ads aren't Profitable.

  • My Sales isn’t growing

  • Appointment Show up rate is less than 10%

  • My team is scattered and i am unable to get Marketing Team’s Reports

  • I am not sure about my Sales Team’s Performance

  • I am not aware of the Sales Script used by my team

  • My team is unable to make more than 100 calls in a day

  • My clients are unhappy with the current process as its scattered

  • I didn’t see raise in sales after using more than 4+ different Tools

With Leadqart

  • All my Ads are performing well

  • I am able to sell Better and Faster

  • Our Meeting’s or Appointments show up rate has increased by 40% using Automation

  • All the departments are alligned together and I am able to see Real time reports

  • I have Sales Forecast to Analyse Sales Team performance

  • I have heard the conversations between my Team member and Customer

  • Now my team is able to make 500 calls and fix more appointments in a day

  • My clients are onbaorded and I am able to communicate and colloaborate with my clients in Real time

  • I saw raise in revenue by 30X using Leadqart Automation CRM


Choose your plan


Billed Annually

  • Lead Module

  • Sales Module

  • Messaging Communication

  • Email Campaigns

  • Landing Page Builder

  • Sales Reporting

  • Facebook Ads Integration


User /Month


Billed Annually

  • Starter +

  • Advanced Workflow Automation

  • Trigger Creation

  • TeleCalling Module

  • Call Recording

  • Third party API Integrations

  • Mobile CRM


User /Month

Super Charge

Billed Annually

  • Pro +

  • Whatsapp Automation

  • Content Creation for Automation

  • Unlimited Whatsapp Messages

  • Surveys Form Creation

  • ChatBot Builder

  • Social Media Planner


User /Month

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